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Our focus is transforming pain into peaceful living on both the physical and emotional planes of life. Through hands-on energy work and nutritional counseling, we can provide you with the skills to feel calmer, think more clearly and feel more peaceful in your everyday life. Founder and wellness practitioner Stephanie Bisceglia uses Kairos Therapy to support the natural and drug free healing of deep emotional issues and underlying emotions related to migraines, anxiety, and chronic pain.

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Doing a Reboot helps your body return to the healthy fat-burning machine it was designed to be!

Rebooting your metabolism is about making food choices that help support the body’s normal energy-producing, fat-burning, muscle-building functions. Our bodies were designed to burn fat as our primary source of fuel, but our modern diets have greatly compromised that function resulting in the escalating numbers of overweight/obese individuals. And these numbers continue to grow in spite of a robust, sixty billion dollar a year diet and weight loss industry. It almost seems like the more we diet, the fatter and sicker we become. In fact, over 95% of everyone who loses weight by dieting, gains more back than when they started.

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Evolv LifeBar imageThe cornerstone product of our Reboot Program, Evolv LifeBar is a whole food powerhouse made using science-based nutritional research on the fat-burning process. Helps your body fight leptin resistance and Lose Fat For Good™!



Today, we know a healthy gut promotes normal gastrointestinal function, provides protection from low grade inflammation and infection, regulates our metabolism, and composes more than 75% of our immune system. Evolv Daily goes far beyond what the typical synthetic vitamin and mineral supplement can do in the promotion of healthy digestion and overall health.

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Image of Daily - The Complete Whole Food Supplement For Healthy Gut Support